With a diverse professional background, Tama’s volunteers always aim to bring out the best in each other through efforts of mentorship, skills sharing, and constant self-development. The concept that drives the team is empowerment through professionalization, which helps the team stay on top of the challenges that come working with vulnerable persons.

Our objectives are to always uphold a human rights based, person-centred approach to all of our services, as well as continuously work towards offering vulnerable persons the necessary support to empower themselves. As a team, we will continuously specialize in supporting victims of violence against women, survivors of sexual violence in conflict, persons affected by forced migration due to climate change and/or protracted conflict, survivors of gender based violence and disabled persons.

Meet the Board of TAMA

Agnes Mudembo
Agnes MudemboPresident
Agnes is from Zimbabwe and is a refugee in Malta who got her status due to labour exploitation but being a being a refugee doesnt deter her from fulfilling her childhood ambition to …
Bianca Caruana
Bianca CaruanaTreasurer
“I believe we should all be given the opportunities to reach our full potential, without limits, whatever it may be. I like to think of myself as a helping hand towards that achievement. …
Alexandra Palos
Alexandra PalosSecretary
“Growing up in South Africa allowed for a unique upbringing where I was exposed to various cultures and situations. Poverty and injustice was rife as well as violent crime- which …
Diana Tudorancea
Diana TudoranceaExecutive Director
Meet Diana; the director, creator and energy behind Tama. “I’m the person for whom ‘make the world a better place’ is not just an idle phrase, but a call for action and an insight to my everyday …

Meet the Volunteers!

Hadia Bashir
Hadia BashirProctection Officer
Hadia is a passionate volunteer with a Bachelor of Law and Intermediate Diploma in Computer Science. Hadia is a defender of women and children’s rights, she has participated in training …
Emilia Figiel
Emilia FigielMarketing Officer
She studied psychology, philosophy, cognitive science and acting related to the legacy of Jerzy Grotowski. All this to better understand the human being in all its manifestations …
Aida Muscat-Pulpan
Aida Muscat-PulpanTherapist
We all go through stories of crisis and hope. Sometimes we meet walls and barriers or we feel heavy sighs in our lives and chests. By helping people rise, we rise together with them. …
Issa Annour
Issa AnnourProtection Officer
Meet Issa; “There are great leaders who are working together in Tama and I know that Tama will succeed in Malta. I look forward to share my ideas and experiences and I hope to make a difference …
Maria Ellul
Maria EllulProject Writing Officer
Maria loves to travel and learn new things about life, cultures and people. She has worked in many different jobs but professionally she is an industrial engineer. …
Jasminder Odusanya
Jasminder Odusanya Marketing Officer
Jasmine is a person who is very close to the community and is involved in several organizations. She is one of the Communication, Marketing Officers . …
Yaqub Garow
Yaqub Garow Interpreter
Yaqub Garow arrived in Malta in 2015. He volunteers for TAMA as an interpreter. Thus, he helps the organization with Somali speaking people…
Pawlos Yohannes
Pawlos Yohannes Interpreter
Pawlos Yohannes arrived in 2014 at TAMA from Eritrea.He works at TAMA as an interpreter and helps people in need….
Alexandru Alexe
Alexandru AlexeIT Manager
I’m Alexandru and I have over 10 years experience using various IT technologies. …