Our Vision

At TAMA, our mission is to reduce social inequalities by providing vital support and services to vulnerable individuals, with a particular focus on migrants. We envision a society where every individual, regardless of their background, receives the necessary support to thrive. We are dedicated to empowering communities, both disabled and non-disabled, through skills development and inclusive initiatives. Together, we strive to create a brighter future by championing equality and providing opportunities for growth.

Our Objectives

Discover TAMA’s Top Priorities:

  1. Promoting Equality: We are committed to addressing longstanding inequalities within our community.
  2. Taking a Stand Against Gender-Based Violence: Through service provision, research, awareness campaigns, and community-based advocacy, we actively combat gender-based violence.
  3. Empowering Vulnerable Individuals: We focus on conducting research and providing essential services to those in vulnerable situations, including disabled individuals in post-displacement settings, migrant women at risk of abuse, and those affected by gender-based violence.
  4. Spreading Awareness: We strive to educate the general public and decision-makers about crucial topics such as migration, gender, disability, conflict, climate change, and their interconnectedness.
  5. Safeguarding Human Security and Rights: We engage in research and advocacy efforts to champion human security and uphold fundamental human rights.

Meet the Board

Agnes Mudembo
Agnes MudemboPresident
Alexandra Palos
Alexandra PalosSecretary
Diana Tudorancea
Diana TudoranceaExecutive Director

Areas of interest


A disability is any factor that affects  the body or mind (impairment) that deter  the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them. However, Disability is  not inability, having certain condition is not a limiting factor to grow, or access services and be part of the community. In Malta, broad support is offered to disabled persons, and under the Convention for Rights of Persons with Disability, there are protections for disabled persons on the move, the real situation remains largely underexplored. TAMA aims to provide support through research and targeted awareness raising on disability issues among migrant communities.

Mental Health

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social-well being. it entirely affects our inner feelings, thoughts and how we cope and relate with others. Having awareness of the reasons for the so many people migrating from their original homelands and seeking refuge is enough to tell us how people are affected mentally, adding to that, the trauma of travelling through dangerous routes would be enough to cause anyone’s mental health to suffer. At TAMA, we believe that mental health has deep implications in all aspects of social life, and we are thus committed to providing mental health support where we can and work with relevant authorities to ensure fair and just access to mental health systems.


Gender-Based violence refers to  harmful behaviors aimed at someone based on their gender. it stems from gender inequality, the stereotypical acts perpetrated on others based on cultural values and norms as well as abuse of power. Gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious violation of human rights and a life-threatening. TAMA explores the factors contribute to GBV, from economic reasons, political, cultural and social as the key contributors. The only way of ending this act is empowering society and community. TAMA works towards empowering and educating the community on the need and importance of respect of human rights, as well as engages in service provision for those affected by this type of violence.

Female Genital Mutilation

Women and girls living in Malta have a high degree of risk and consequences due to physical and mental health complications. At the same time, there are a number of women at risk of suffering from new cutting as they grow up in Malta. TAMA channels its efforts in combatting this issue, combining outreach efforts and awareness raising with communities, research and capacity building among partner organizations.


Active projects

“Two women, two opportunities” – project funded by the US Embassy

The project seeks to provide essential trust building and sexual reproductive health workshops to those finding themselves in sex work, provide them with a safe and genuine space for the workers to express themselves and access adequate information about sexual reproductive health. On the other hand, TAMA seeks to provide training and coaching to personnel in schools to identify, talk about and prevent FGM if necessary.

“Freedom to Live” – Quality of Life, funded by the Ministry for Social Inclusion and Voluntary Organizations

Disability advocacy starts with awareness. Thus, TAMA works to raise the level of knowledge and understanding about various types of disability, especially invisible ones, by sessions within communities which may not have had previous access to such information. Additionally, TAMA staff rolled out a translated survey attempting to capture perceptions concerning disability among migrant communities.

“Strong mother” – funded by the Ministry for Social Inclusion and Voluntary Organizations

TAMA personnel aims to engage, through community outreach sessions and individual mentorship with single mothers of migrant background. The aim of the project is to pilot how single mothers seek employment and attempt to access the labor market in order to determine a strategy to offer broader support.

Past Projects

  • “Women leading wellbeing”: on-line and in-person campaign with communities on raising awareness and developing information delivery for sexual reproductive health and female genital mutilation. The campaign was tackled by devising information packages and workshops and addressing issues separately, as well as in joint sessions. Data was also collected from participants of in-person sessions to build on existing knowledge base. You can read the project report and insights from the team here.
  • Quantitative research investigating perceptions of FGM amongst at-risk communities. You can read the research results here.

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