Meet Diana; the director, creator and energy behind Tama. “I’m the person for whom ‘make the world a better place’ is not just an idle phrase, but a call for action and an insight to my everyday. I believe that the power to change the world for the better lies within each person. I decided to create Tama because I saw the gaps in services provided in Malta and globally- which lead to major inequalities and worse outcomes for everyone. I reached a moment of clarity that in order for true change to happen, Tama would need to take shape. My aim is to have a professional organization that bridges the gaps of inequality wherever they are found, relying on the strengths of the community itself as a pool of volunteers and professionals. I want to achieve high levels of community engagement, unity through diversity of goal, and the advancement of a new discourse that values everyone’s abilities”.

Diana has a degree in Master of Arts in Transcultural Counselling which allows her to practise as a mental health professional, whilst having understanding of core cross cutting issues such as gender, disability and cultural identity. Diana also holds a certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, training in EMDR psychotherapy as well as spearheaded a S/GBV Mental health service in Malta.

Notable events Diana has been a speaker at include; the United Nations Conference of State Parties for persons with disability and being a key note speaker at a North-South Center fora of the council of Europe.