Community based advocacy: S/GBV Community based advocacy aims to tackle different types of gender based violence, including empowerment exercises, information sharing and confidential talking groups. Tama works across various communities, seeking to identify and empower individuals who may then offer their own support to women and men affected by gender based violence. Additionally, Tama



Tama offers a variety of training options to government agencies, as well as within the private sector, on issues related to cultural competency, mental health awareness, gender based violence awareness and procedures. For more information, please contact us! Contact Page



Our interpreters are well versed in providing support to a variety of professional backgrounds, have undergone extensive training in medical and mental health support. Interpreters are covered by a contract guaranteeing their professionalism and confidentiality. Interpreted support can be contracted from Tama at a rate that is negotiable with Tama, according to specific project



Sexual/Gender based violence (S/GBV) is most commonly understood as any act perpetrated against a person’s will, any act of harm or deprivation of resources, or threat of harm or deprivation of resources, that is based on unequal gender power balance. Gender based violence is a form of human rights abuses with far reaching

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