Tama Team

Agnes Mudembo


Agnes is from Zimbabwe and is a refugee in Malta who got her status due to labour exploitation but being a being a refugee doesnt deter her from fulfilling her childhood ambition to become a health worker . Now she wants to fulfill thoses dreams to come true by enrolling to train as a nurse

Issa Annour


Meet Issa; “There are great leaders who are working together in Tama and I know that Tama will succeed in Malta. I look forward to share my ideas and experiences and I hope to make a difference in the future with Tama. I am originally from the capital city of Chad, where I worked

Emilia Figiel


She studied psychology, philosophy, cognitive science and acting related to the legacy of Jerzy Grotowski. All this to better understand the human being in all its manifestations. She believes that our body, mind and soul are of equal importance and that we should care for them to live o good life - in balance

Hadia Bashir


Hadia is a passionate volunteer with a Bachelor of Law and Intermediate Diploma in Computer Science. She is a lawyer and was previously a member of parliament for five years in her home country? Hadia is a defender of women and children’s rights, she has participated in training courses with international organizations, is a

Bianca Caruana


“I believe we should all be given the opportunities to reach our full potential, without limits, whatever it may be. I like to think of myself as a helping hand towards that achievement. Helping other people achieve, helps me to feel like I've accomplished something” Bianca is the woman who does not accept half

Hafsa Haydar


Hafsa; the hard working and caring, President of Tama. “After working hard in my home country to obtain qualifications, I had to re-train once I arrived in Malta. This is the reality faced by so many, as well as challenges like opening a bank account as an asylum seeker, integrating successfully into society and

Hana Hamaz


Hana is an integrative counsellor, who draws primarily on Gestalt, Person Centred and Intercultural approaches in her counselling. She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults within various settings. Hana obtained a Masters degree in Transcultural Counselling from the University of Malta and a Certificate in Integrative Counselling from the Minster Centre

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